Top 3 Reasons Fall Fishing is Best in Steinhatchee

Fall fishing season is quickly approaching and here on the Gulf Coast we couldn’t be more excited! From late September through December, Florida’s big bend is one of the hottest inshore fishing zones in the state. Not only is the fishing outstanding but you will get to visit a part of the state that is less crowded and still has that old Florida charm. Perfect weather conditions, mixed with an ideal fishing environment, makes for a tremendous opportunity to catch fish that any angler would love to bring home. Maybe we’re partial, but Steinhatchee has some of the best Fall fishing Florida has to offer. We want to share a little bit about why you should add Steinhatchee River Club to your Fall Getaway list for the perfect fishing adventure.

Perfect Weather

It’s no secret that Florida is known as one of the top destinations in the United States for year-round sunshine and warm temps. While families flock to Florida in the Summer to take advantage of warmer temps, it is the Fall, when it cools off slightly, that’s a fisherman’s dream. Weather and water temperature have a significant impact on fish activity in our area. Fish move deeper in the Summer, gravitating towards cooler waters. As Fall approaches and the water cools, fish migrate to the shallow grass flats where temperatures hover somewhere between the mid-70’s to low-80’s. These cooler temps fire up the top water fishing activity.

Ideal Fishing Environment & Location

The Gulf Coast, especially near the Steinhatchee area, is full of pristine grass flats and beautiful clear water. The limestone rocks create natural cover for smaller bait fish. The abundance of the bait in the area makes Steinhatchee prime hunting grounds for some of our favorite inshore species.  Most of the time you can catch reds, spotted seatrout, blues and Spanish mackerel in 2-4’ deep near the grass flats. At times you will catch a fish on every cast. From Steinhatchee River Club you can easily access several nearby, yet not overpopulated, fishing spots sure to make you a winner out on the water. Some of our favorite spots that have easy access from Steinhatchee River Club are Spotty Bottom, Rocky Creek and Dallus Creek, but there are plenty of others we can steer you toward or help you set up the perfect charter with one of our local guides!  Make sure to book a guide early as their calendars fill up quickly this time of year.

One of our favorite ways to target the species in our area is using topwater plugs. If you are new to fishing topwater for saltwater species make sure to check out the tackle we have available at Steinhatchee River Club.  As Jody says, “we don’t carry a ton of lures and supplies, but everything we have will catch fish here.”  If you have questions or need a tip make sure to ask Jody, he loves to help you get the fish you are after, and you will make a new friend in the process.

If topwater is not your style, live shrimp or soft plastic baits fished under a popping cork work as well.

Delicious Fish

If you like fishing, but are not quite sure how to cook your catch, a few of our local restaurant will be glad to cook what you reeled in for you.  Call ahead to let them know you will be bringing fish and make sure to get their recommendation on the best way to cook your catch.

Steinhatchee Rive Club Caught Fish

At Steinhatchee River Club, we love fishing all year round but Fall is prime time for some of the best fishing in Florida! With perfect weather conditions, an ideal fishing environment and a great variety of fish, enjoying a day of inshore fishing cannot be beat in Florida’s big bend. Call us today to rent a boat for the perfect day at sea. If you’d like to make a weekend out of it, we have new cabins to end a perfect day on the water in comfort. Either way, we look forward to seeing you for Fall fishing season at Steinhatchee River Club!