Storing Your Boat: Four Features to Look for When Selecting a Storage Facility

For many, their boat is one of the largest investments they’ll make beyond purchasing their home. It is something people take pride in and treat as one of their children. Think about the unique names you see on boats as you cruise along the water, just another sign of the importance someone’s boat plays in their life. While the ideal lifestyle would allow you to be out on the water every day, we know that is not reality, so having the right storage solution when your boat is not being used is key to extending its life span. That’s why we at Steinhatchee River Club have pulled together the top four features you should look for when choosing a storage facility for your boat!

24/7 Access

If you are a true fisherman who loves to enjoy a last-minute ride on the water, then it is crucial you ensure where you store your boat offers 24/7 access. Whether you prefer to go out in the early morning or enjoy night fishing, you want the comfort of knowing you can take advantage of your boat at your convenience. Many storage facilities will only allow you to come between specific hours, which can make your time on the water stressful, as you’re left checking your watch to ensure you get back before closing. With such a huge investment, we think you should be able to enjoy your boat whenever you please, which is why 24/7 access is at the top of our list of features to look for in a boat storage facility.

Easy Access to Electricity & Water

Whether you’re prepping for your day out on the water or cleaning up after a successful day of fishing, it’s important that you have access to electricity and water at your individual storage stall to ensure you can quickly and easily take care of everything you need. Nobody wants to waste their time running around looking for the things needed to clean their boat or getting prepped for the perfect day. The goal should be to maximize your day on the water. Boat Storage should provide you a level of convenience that makes each time you take it out a fun, relaxing experience, not a stressful one.

Protection from the Elements

While this tip may seem like a no-brainer, we want to emphasize that you should look for a storage facility that protects your boat from the elements on at least three sides. Wind and water can be very destructive to a boat, especially salt water. Storing your boat somewhere with at least three sides of protection ensures that your boat is preserved for its longest life span. In fact, this may be the greatest benefit to storing your boat at a professional facility verses at your own home.


In today’s day in age we assume there are cameras everywhere, but we strongly urge you to ask your storage facility what measures they take to protect your boat from thieves and vandalizers. When selecting a home for your boat when you’re not around, make sure that the facility is somewhere that is well lit, has gated access and cameras everywhere. You can never be too safe when it comes to protecting one of your largest investments and you should choose a storage facility that feels the same.