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23 Dec

FWC Changes to Spotted Seatrout Rules: The Advantages

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission had a recent meeting in Panama City Beach to discuss rule changes in regard to spotted seatrout. Spotted seatrout are one of the state’s most popular inshore fisheries and after hearing concerns from anglers and also the results of a recent stock assessment, the FWC approved several draft […]

8 Nov

6 Things to Know About Hunting Near Steinhatchee

There’s no shortage of great spots to hunt in Florida. Luck for us, Steinhatchee is surrounded by some of the best area to enjoy this popular fall pastime. Steinhatchee Springs Wildlife Management Area spans over 20,000 acres. This includes a 28-mile long river that is surrounded by floodplain forest, cypress swamps, xeric hammocks, and pine […]

3 Oct

Freshwater Fishing vs. Saltwater Fishing: What You Should Know

Want the chance to reel in an impressive catch? In Steinhatchee, FL we’re spoiled with some of the best freshwater and saltwater fishing Florida has to offer. If you’re new to fishing, it can be tough to decide which fishing style you’d prefer to dabble in first. Either choice can bring you a great day […]

2 Oct

4 Things to Know Before Visiting Steinhatchee

Planning a trip to explore beautiful Steinhatchee, FL? Come on over — we’re sure you’ll love it! With its incredible fishing and natural beauty, there’s plenty to do in Steinhatchee all year long. But, just in case you need some ideas, we put together a list of what you should know before visiting our favorite […]

13 Jan

Why You Should Visit Steinhatchee: Hidden Charm of Old Florida

Would you like a vacation in a small town surrounded by family-owned shops, outdoor activities and remarkable sunsets? It sounds like a visit to Old Florida may be just for you! While some spots like Cedar Key, Fernandina Beach and Micanopy are prominently known to uphold that Old Florida charm, Steinhatchee shouldn’t be left off […]